A V A L I A :     A small but diverse country, currently ruled by King Harrold.

B R I E R C L I F F :     The capitol city of Avalia.

B R A X T O N :     The southernmost town in Avalia, known for its ability to produce a lot of fish and a lot of townies.

C O L L E T : In lieu of wedding rings, collets are worn by engaged and married people.  They are usually tight fitting around the neck and are a statement of status.

C R E S T :  A ring worn by the most elite lords and ladies in the Avalian palace.  These rings are often used for exclusive royal privileges.

G E S T L Y N :     A large and powerful country bordering Avalia’s south side.  Currently ruled by King Anders and Queen Rosamund.

S U M M I T   W A R / C R O W ’ S   L A N D I N G :    7 years prior, Avalia was at war against Gestlyn at the clearing known as Crow’s Landing.  The Avalian general sent his men into battle, ignoring the opportunity to surrender, and sent the entire army to their death. The territory was lost and now belongs to Gestlyn.

T R A V I S M :    A magical medical practice that involves taking energy from one source and transferring it to another.  It’s much more effective than traditional herbal remedies, but some refuse to use it, insisting it dabbles in dark magic.

T R A V O R S :   A term used for healers who combine the use of traditional medicine and Travism.

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