Also I’m sure people are wondering “why is Delmareve wearing a wig?  What’s wrong with her hair?”


Delmareve has alopecia.  Alopecia is a broad term for hair loss, but in her case, it’s a specific type that’s caused by excessive stress which makes your hair fall out in weird patches.  (Inheriting a kingdom and getting married at 19 comes with a ton of stress as I’m sure you can all imagine)


Personally, it’s something I struggled with for years, and I’m still in the recovery stage now.  I also have a wig and I used to struggle a lot about the image I presented to others vs what I actually looked like underneath.  I found it hard to accept because I’d never heard of before it happened to me.  So I wanted Delmareve to be character that others (and myself) can look up to!  And if anything, I hope y’all can read this and be aware, and be open and accepting to those wearing wigs.  Go out and compliment someone’s hair, I’m sure it will make their day. 🙂