Phew!  Chapter 3 felt like it was going on forever!  Its the longest chapter so far, but I also dropped down to one page a week which also really slowed down the process. Chapter 4 is a bit shorter and has a lot of traveling involved so we’re going to be moving forward a lot quicker.


BUT ANYWAY, I am so SO excited to present this incredible guest art by the one and only Kristina Luu!!!  I rolled on the floor when I first laid my eyes on this drawing.  Its so powerful, majestic, and emotional all at the same time.  Delmareve looks stunning and the glass shards surrounding her are *chefs kiss* I cant stop staring at all their faces!!  It gets me every time :’)


Kristina’s art is killer, it constantly fills me with inspiration and it also fills me with a whole lot of warmth from the care she puts into her drawings.  She also creates her own webcomic called INTERCOSMIC-  Intercosmic is about a young girl named Mai who gets lost in space.  She is saved by a friendly group of solar deities, and now they all have to work together to help her find her way home.  Although the genre doesnt get much farther from Avalia, Ive found that a good comic is just a good comic, and y’all should read it.



You can find her art here:








Thank you again so much, Kristina!

And I hope you all are ready for Chapter 4!