I decided that after each chapter I will feature a piece of guest art, and so this FIRST OFFICIAL GUEST ART is brought to you by the super amazing and very talented Kaz Rowe!!!!  I am so obsessed with this art, its SO POWERFUL!!! The dress!! The fire!!  The burning flag behind her?! I can’t look away!  Thank you Kaz for blessing my website with your stunning art.


Kaz is also the creator of “Cunning Fire,” a webcomic about a group of witches in Chicago trying to create the elixir of life!  It features a lot of gorgeous queer characters, some exciting lore, and deadly witchcraft.  What more could you want?!?!




Read “Cunning Fire”

“Cunning Fire” on Tapas

Kaz’s Portfolio

Kaz’s Tumblr

Kaz’s Pateron

Kaz’s Kofi

Kaz’s Gumroad



And not only is Kaz a spectacular webcomic artist, but they also run a super cool blog about other webcomics, where they review series in a positive light.  Its a fun read, and there’s a great list of recommended reading on the blog too 🙂


Lets Talk About Webcomics! 


Thank you Kaz!!!!